The good: 4th of July in Bushwick

Hello there dudes! The week of the 1st of July was so packed for me that I haven’t even gotten the chance to tell you what what went down! I had quite a few friends visiting from Canada, Germany, and France, and I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun, as many drinks, or spent as much money in any other week as I did last week. It really made me feel like I was Parker Posey in Party Girl. All I am missing is 1) an impeccably flamboyant sense of style, 2) superior organizational skills, and 3) hooking up with this guy:

At this point in my life I’ve given up on 2) but actively working on 1) and 3). Just like Parker Posey’s character Mary in the movie, I partied a lot this week, which has left me broke, and as a result I may have to sell my clothes to pay for food. Except unlike Mary’s my clothes are all second hand already and mega cheap so maybe I’ll just have to sell what’s underneath my clothes. My underwear… on ebay. I hear some creeps love that stuff.

OK, moving on. I felt a lot of pressure to pick a good 4th of July event. I wanted something during the daytime (because I worked the next day), outdoors, with music, food, a cool crowd, and no cover. My new york friends are sometimes surprised at how I find out about what they call “weird ~alternative~ events”. One grrlfriend even calls me the party promoter! So obviously I wanted to live up to their expectations. I seek validation from others, what can I say… I’m a loser, SHOOT ME.

I am kind of enjoying the image of someone who’s in the know, however the truth is that nothing is really underground and nothing is really secret these days. Every event is advertised on twitter, Facebook, or any publicly available newsletter or website. At least in NYC, alternative event has become a codeword for any event with cheap (or no) cover and a young hipster-esque crowd. If you think about it, everything that is advertised as alternative or indie is in fact pretty normative in that it will attract most people. Juggalos… now THAT is certainly alternative. THAT is what I would call underground. If you do not know what juggalos are OMG allow me to open the doors to a whole different world, click here to watch the weirdest documentary ever.

As I was implying above, If you do your homework, you will find about any type of event — from upscale to grimy. In New York, you can be a total loser and friendless and still find out about the best parties. You may not be motivated to go out if u got nobody but at least you’ll know what’s up.

That being said, going out in NYC will still be a hit or a miss, especially for rookies like us who are not well acquainted with who trows the best parties, which venues attract the cooler crowds, etc. There are so many events that it’s hard to make a decision — sometimes you’ll make good choices and go to an awesome party and sometimes you won’t and end up at a party with like 3 people. The more you go out though, the easier it will be to tell a bad event from a good event, trust meh.

4th of july celebrations started a little slow. I met up with my friends, we bought some beers and I took them to this very very hipster BBQ in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Although it had everything I was looking for, my friends were kind of terrified. Most of them are in finance, live in the East Village in Manhattan, and are used to going out to exponentially more posh establishments. It was also VERY hot, there was virtually no shade or places to sit, and everyone at this party was sweaty, hairy, and extravagant. My kind of crowd, really, but I wasn’t going to put them through this misery. When I saw the cook put a raw-licious meat patty between two dusty hamburger buns, I new that was my cue to get the hell out and find a local bar where we could eat and have some drinks in the shade.

After asking around, we found a very good bar I highly recommend called Pearl’s Social and Billy Club near the Jefferson Stop on the L, yelp them here. Eventually I got my friends and I kicked out of there. I wont say WHY cus it’s really embarrassing. Ok it’s because I’m an idiot and I brought in and half-drank a beer we had bought for the BBQ. But before that, we had really tasty drinks and free food. The reason I felt comfortable enough to drink outside booze is because the ambiance was so chill and it kinda fell like a house party, you know? But it clearly wasn’t. The waitress was very rude but who can blame her. Judge me all you want, I am well aware of how much of a jerk I was and there’s no insult you can throw at me I haven’t already thought of.

If you look at the glass as half-full though, this gave us the opportunity to explore other establishments in Bushwick! Although I did I lose my manhattan friends in the way. They ran back to the island shortly after Pearl’s, probably promising to themselves never to come back to Bushwick ever again.

We walked around the neighbourhood for a bit and stopped at this bar for a quick beer before getting something to eat. The bartender recommended Roberta’s so we checked it out. Their menu consisted of Pizza and other “american” food. It’s a NICE place but rather pricey, at least for Bushwick standards. The wait time for a table is long but they have a nice outdoor bar where you can have a drink while you wait. Although the place is a lil’ budget-crushing, the food was good and we had a good time.

After dinner, we headed for the second rooftop party (Party 4 America) and when we asked this guy for directions, he invited us to go inside his restaurant and have a free beer. So obviously we did! Thanks Bushwick! After the beer, we rushed to the party because we didn’t want to miss the fireworks and it was the perfect ending to such an eventful day. We saw the fireworks and enjoyed the beautiful Manhattan skyline. The music selection was also very good until a terrible band started playing, at which point we just went home! It was a good day.

Pictures below:


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