The day I almost didn’t graduate

Hey folks! the reason why I haven’t written in a while is because I was busy graduating and celebrating the day of my birth on June 14th and June 17th, respectively.

I went to Toronto for the weekend and had SO much fun. I didn’t do any partying or crazy stuff, and mostly just hung out with my family. By choice! I am not a loser, KAAAY? They had come from all over the world, partly to celebrate my accomplishment, but mostly to get together since we don’t get to see each other that often. I actually really love my family and I miss them a lot! I am loving New York but I miss them and I wish I was in Toronto with them. Look at them, they are so cute!

On my graduation day, I was told: “Yo, are you sure you can graduate?”. My name wasn’t in the program and I appeared in the system as not eligible to graduate. I freaked out when I learned this. After a lot of crying (on my part) and a lot of calling and walkie-talking by the people working at convocation hall, the problem was resolved and I was able to join the rest of my classmates and graduate! It was a close one. It really wasn’t the most pleasant experience as I was stressed out all throughout convocation ceremony. I was only able to relax once I got my hands on that stupid (JK, awesome) diploma.


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