Update: my housing situation (I’m kinda sorta in the 212)

So in terms of housing, I really really lucked out. My mother knows a friend in the city and she was kind enough to let me crash with her until the end of the summer. I am living in Hamilton Heights. And guess what? I’m in the 212! That’s the area code by the way. Azealia Banks and I are totes gonna hang out soon. Ok actually, according to Wikipedia I’m not in the 212 per se. However the landlinea have a 212 area code soooooooooo yeah. Although that’s just the business area codes so who knows.

I am between Riverside drive and Broadway, close to the 1 train 137st stop. I hope none of you wish to stalk me, rob me, or kidnap me. FYI I’m ugly and po’ so don’t even waste your time trying to snatch me up.


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