The good: MOMA PS1

Hey guys!

One of my favourite things to do in NYC is going to MoMA PS1. It’s a really cool project sponsored by MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art where visual art meets music, meets beer. Best of any world. Am I right? The venue is in a former Public School building that has been remodelled to include wonderfully curated exhibitions and installations, as well as a gift shop, a stage outside for their Warm up live music series, and did I mention the beer?

The space was created in the early 70s and the experience is quite different than going to the MoMa. The art displayed at MoMa PS1 is definitely more experimental and “out there”. I remember really enjoying an exhibit of Laurel Nakadate’s videos that display her journey through the United States where she encounters, seduces, and later films a series of men. It made me think about the lengths to which artists go for their oeuvre and vision.

Do check the website

These are some pictures I took in July 2011 while I was visiting New York:


Modern Women: Single Channel
Exhibit focuses on the work of eleven women artists in single-channel video, which explores themes such as gender, sexuality, and the body, and which also reflects on the role and structure of the medium.

Nancy Grossman: Heads
Leather-wrapped sculptures of heads

Outside barn-like space


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