How to make it in America? (the show)

Moving to New York from another city or country can be very daunting, especially if you’re planning to move there indefinitely. I can imagine. I hear you. If you start feeling discouraged, for the love of Gaaad, watch the now cancelled (fuck you HBO!) but amazing show How to make it in America! Two seasons of pure awesomeness. It is seriously great and pretty realistic (apparently), unlike other NYC-based shows like Friends, Gossip Girl, or Sex and the City. It is produced by Mark Wahlberg, who by the way, said that the show might come back for a season 3! Fingers crossed.

Maybe if you make it in America, you too can have a TV Show! #ShootForTheMoonAndIfYouFailYouGetToLiveAmongstTheStats #DreamBig trololol. Although in all seriousness, it could happen. It won’t. But it could

Here’s the intro

Isn’t it great!!!???

Or this one, which is a little more DIY


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