Good news! I have an internship and a place to live!

So I had an interview this morning with the lovely ladies from the NYC Parks foundation, an organization committed to environmental education through hands-on learning activities such as gardening, painting, etc. They also focus on providing kids in impoverished/high priority neighbourhoods the opportunity to interact with the natural world. I applied for this internship there a while ago and I must say I’m really happy I got it.

I am very passionate about learning more about environmental education and there are not many opportunities in Toronto for that. I’ve always wanted to work in a place where environmental education and social equity interact. It’s virtually unpaid, although only a couple of days a week so I can hopefully find a part-time “survival” job on the side (note: at this point i’ll take any job). Also, I am excited to work in Bushwick, a predominantly “latino” enclave. 

I’m really worried about rent because I know how expensive it is. However, through my mother’s helpful connections, I landed a FREE place to live throughout May! I’m sooo happy about that. Sweet Lord, you have no idea. I do need a place to live in June though. Hopefully, it will be easy to find, especially once I’m there. I’ll let you know how things go. After months of researching and applying to jobs and internships, everything is slowly slowly coming together. I feel very very very lucky. 




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