~Work Visa~

So I got my visa yesterday! Woot. Woot. To answer the question “How the hell is a Canadian gurl is going to live/work in NYC?”, let me tell you it was NOT easy (or cheap).

First, you should know that I’m dark skinned and I don’t “look Canadian” so going the illegal route was not an option for me. I’m way too terrified of getting deported. Blame the years of living in central america and hearing that so and so got deported from the U.S. See, unfortunately immigration would see me as a latino illegal immigrant before seeing me as a canadian illegal immigrant. Oh well. Racism.

If you’re white and/or broke and love taking risks, you should do it ‘cus whatever. My white/male privileged friend did it in Portland and he didn’t get caught so there.

So what I did is I went through a program called SWAP “working holidays”, which allows you to work 3-4 months in the US. You can do it as long as you’re a full-time University student and Canadian citizen. I’m graduating this June so I was eligible. It costs around $700 (health insurance included). Told ya, it’s expensive. But honestly, I’d rather pay that than risk getting deported and not be allowed back in the States. There are some restrictions regarding the type of work you can do. For example, you can’t be a camp counsellor or work in the health industry. That seems reasonable.

I don’t have a job yet but I might have an internship. Hopefully I won’t end up homeless. Also, I’m currently looking for a place to live. More on that later.



2 thoughts on “~Work Visa~

  1. Good luck with everything! Doing this legally is very expensive and time-consuming, but I think it’s the right thing to do, for the peace of mind if nothing else! Xo

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I got this internship, for which I think I didn’t need a work visa so I definitely considered going with a tourist visa, but since my parents graciously offered to pay for half of the visa, I just applied and so it didn’t set me back that much.

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