Why the hell am I moving there?

In reality, there is no “good” or “bad” reason. It’s something I want. Something I’ve wanted for a long time. Something I think is going to make me happy. Or so I’ve told myself. I am temporarily relocating to New York City, for 4 months, with:

a. No job
b. No money
c. An barely paid part-time internship
d. A couple of friends
e. One good friend
e. A free place to stay for May

Unlike many others before me I’m not going to NYC with the purpose of becoming a fashion journalist, a famous theatre actress, a hipster, a rich investment banker, a dancer, or an artist. No. Like most people, I’m moving there with the sole purpose of moving there. There will be some cool perks such as my cool internship and the free 1 month rent, but my main motivation is still to move there for the sake of it. I am aware of how stupid or unreasonable this is and that there is a high likelihood that I’ll come back to Toronto broke and with shattered dreams. But hey! I don’t want to die never having lived there.


internship became full time at the end of June
I held a job for like 2 weeks but i sucked so i got fired LOL
I ended up staying at that place for the whole summer (not just may)
I’ve made wonderful friends!!!


2 thoughts on “Why the hell am I moving there?

  1. This is exactly why I want to move there, not for a big swish job or because I am crazy and think my life will be that of the films but because I love it there and I want to move there with only 1 aim, to move there. I cannot wait to hear about your few months in NYC and any tips you might have! I am so jealous you are doing this right now! x

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